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A couple of posts ago I described my kitchen, quite sure that no major changes will happen in there for a long time. But just in the last three weeks, there’s been some delightful changes. I have a new stove! A friend of mine commented rather laconically about how we, as we grow older, get excited about such different things than when we were young, when I “humblebragged” about my stove of Facebook. I stumbled across this lovely and very descriptive word: humblebrag. I think my FB status went something like: “I have a new stove: a cream enamelled five burner gas-electric SMEG: how lucky I am!” (of course, luck always has something to do with it: I was after all born into this time in history where SMEGs exist!) Seriously though: I have always coveted a good, but almost more than that, a good-looking stove. This house was fitted out with a rather humble and quite pedestrian Kelvinator, which was quite fine except when I used the grill element. And then, about a month ago when yet again we had to have a burnt-out wire repaired, we decided to buy another stove. I looked at a couple of local brands, but did not really feel attracted to the styles. Of course, if I were more “lucky”, I would have looked at even more expensive ranges like Ilve or Lacanche: how about an AGA then? I really wanted a SMEG though. I still hesitated: but then my husband came home with a sale pamphlet of a big appliance store with a SMEG he circled as a possibility. And the rest, as they say, is history.

We sold the other stove and bought the SMEG(though not at the store which had it on sale). It slipped neatly into the space left like a missing tooth by the other stove, and now stands there, rather regally.  It’s when I open the oven that I know: this is a good stove. The heft when I pull at the handle reminds me of opening the door of an expensive car. And when I close it, it gently swings shut, seemingly slowing down just before closing. The other stove’s oven door would have slammed into the frame.

There are a handful of other changes coming to this kitchen: most notably(after the New Stove), a long wooden shelf just above the two windows, running the length of the longest wall, where I will display nice jugs and books and kitcheny  things. Maybe even some jars of home-made preserves, like in my grandmother’s house. And today, I installed a long rod just underneath the cabinets above the counter with the prep bowl, and on S-hooks, which were rather hard to find, I hung a range of utensils, freeing up  much needed counter space. And just now, I ordered a cream, stove-top Le Creuset kettle from Yuppiechef, a nice touch and also something secretly wished-for since we moved into this house.

Tonight there are two loaves of health bread in the wide warm belly of the new stove: its first bake.  The smell of baking bread is reaching my nose as I sit here at my bedroom desk. A good moment to end this and press “Publish Post”. But not before I add these pics: my once and future, and maybe final kitchen…IMG_6453