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Something really grand happened a little while ago: I was commissioned to write a piece, blog style, for a foodie magazine! It is being used in the May edition of the magazine, and after a meeting a week ago with the Editor, I have been given the go-ahead to write on a regular basis, as and when I can. I am so pleased and also inspired, to continue with this blog. I guess if I had not been writing here for all these years (three now), this would not have happened.

So tonight, I have been sitting here, sipping a so-so Sauvignon Blanc, my husband bustling around in the kitchen getting all the veggies done, while I write another article/story.  He will call me shortly to come and cook the fillet. That remains my domain: to pan-sear the chunky piece of tender red meat to just done. I will deglaze the pan with the leftover wine, and make a slightly sweet sauce with pink peppercorns and honey, to be eventually spooned over generous slices of pink-in-the-middle fillet. A late feast on a Sunday night. Earlier today I cooked brunch for friends (Spanish tortilla with roasted vine tomatoes on the side), and later this afternoon I cleared up the leftover summer growth gone to seed, picking a last bowlful of tomatoes from scraggly vines, and a handful of runner beans which I shall cook tomorrow evening.

But now I have to go and wash my hands again: I just noticed traces of dirt from the veggie patch under my nails as I type here. And in a minute I shall be in the kitchen, cooking a rather late steak for this end-of-season supper with my beloved.

Dinner tonight