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Last year this time, a storm had just cleared to give us a beautiful sky to launch a white paper chinese lantern into, at the end of the ceremonies of our wedding. We had practiced this before a couple of times here in the back yard: lighting the block of fuel and holding the wire rim until the flimsy white paper balloon shaped lantern had filled with hot air, in the run-up to the wedding. On the night, we had asked our guests to write well wishes on it, and it rose perfectly, lifting out of our hands to a great cheer that rose from the guests. In the wedding video montage which I have just watched again, it rises until it is just a bright light high in the sky.

I’m cooking a slightly celebratory meal: french cut rack of lamb for two, still pink and juicy; steamfried green beans and mange tout melange; sweet carrots and a green salad. And we have already opened a pale pink sparkling wine. A far more sedate meal and feel to the day than a year ago. I remember how my heart sank when it started to rain, then proceeded to storm, and then the power failed, ten minutes before I was supposed to be walked in to under the chuppa.

Luckily the food was all ready: canapés prepared in the kitchen from earlier on in the day, and the sparkling wine was cold. I had a lot of that; the sparkling wine, and almost no food. I believe that is a common bride experience, to not remember the food at her wedding because she never ate a bite. I did have half a bite of something wonderful, I think duck in an oriental style pancake and hoisin sauce. Afterwards I did hear that the food was good: I had the event catered…

Tonight I’m reflecting how central to our romance food has been: When I dip into the posts of the last three or so years, this reads as a journal of a foodie romance!

So here am I, here are we: one year married, many meals shared. My husband is playing a sentimental tune on the sax while I write here. In a little while I will light candles, and set the table where just this morning I have put a vase of pink peonies(I had white peonies as my wedding bouquet), and we will toast with the remainder of the pink sparkling to another year of making fond memories, around food and family. And all the vicissitudes of life.