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I promised to write about the menu for the wedding, which is now three days away. I had fantasies of doing it all myself, but by the time that our guest list reached 55 I realised that it would be too much to take on, on a day where I wanted to feel relaxed and un-rushed. The way I am feeling at the moment is everything but relaxed and un-rushed: it’s strange, because everything is quite in place. I have some last moment things to do and get, but so far everything is going according to plan. Even the weather report, which I have been watching over the last couple of weeks, seems to be favourable: two weeks ago it said :Rain. Now it says: morning showers, clear afternoon and evening. And since the wedding is in the afternoon, we should be able to set up in the garden as planned.

So, food for the day will be an “Upmarket substantial canapé evening” menu: here it is:

Smoked Salmon and pea puree set on a crispy potato rosti

Vegetarian sushi selection

Tangy Thai prawn skewer

Lamb koftas with beetroot hummus and tatziki

Chicken liver parfait and caramelised onion on Melba

Sesame chicken skewers with cashew satay sauce

Beef fillet sweet chill phyllo wrappers

Duck pancakes with plum and hoisin

Goats cheese and asparagus brioche with alfalfa

Mini sesame encrusted fish cakes with Japanese mayo and zesty ginger

Tomato and basil tartlets and Danish feta

White chocolate and rose truffles

Espresso mousse shots

Designer cupcakes with event theme decor

Strawberry skewers with passion curd.

Hmm, just writing this I feel satisfied that I made the right decision: I love the idea of platters of these delicious sounding canapés being carried around by waiters.. I can imagine it: late afternoon, people standing around talking, sipping champagne, the murmur of voices mingling with music in the background and the faint gentle splashing and burbling of water fountains of the long pool stretching from the house..

I love the fact that I am having a wedding-wedding, if you know what I mean: I have, as you know, been married before, twice: neither wedding really the stuff that dreams are made of. I know: it’s maybe too overly romantic and not really fashionable to be soppy sweet at my age about weddings, but I am looking forward to be as beautiful a bride as I can be; and that our friends and family will love sharing the day with us, seeing how right this is, at last, for both of us.