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I decided a while ago to change my blog site to this new platform.. the previous one somehow did not offer me the same freedom in format as well as readership… so from now on I shall post here, under the same pseudonym, Kitchenshrink. I am a therapist in my daily life. I am also a self-confessed, or is it proclaimed, epicurean. And I am also a wannabe writer.

So herewith, a continuation of a blog about meals shared, moods created, moments remembered, memories evoked while cooking and eating. My life marked out and mapped out as I go about in my kitchen: a beautiful new kitchen which I now share with a man whom I love and who I will get married to in November. I have a feeling that my writing will meander more: maybe more memoir than food blog. Which is what I originally set out to create.

My life measured out in meals cooked, eaten, shared…..