I’m rather surprised to see that it has been a month since my last post.. and not too long from now it will be a year since my first post… time sure does fly when you’re having fun! (I actually don’t like that expression: I always imagine it being drawled in a broad American accent, which I am very bad at imitating)

I’m sitting at my desk thinking about what I want to write about: chicken soup for sure as that is in the title line: not my chicken soup but my lover’s: he makes that proverbial chicken soup which simply has to be good for the soul. He is Jewish after all, not that good chicken soup is the sole(excuse the pun) domain of the Jewish mama or man in this case, but I have to concede my previously assumed superiority as far as making soup is concerned.. I do it gladly though: not a tremor of envy…

He teases me about a magic ingredient which only he knows about. But the ingredients: which I know to be simply celery, onion, leek, turnip, carrots and chicken and chicken stock, somehow get magically transformed to an almost clear oh so fragrant broth with chunks of chicken and veggies, which need nothing more than a twist of the pepper mill(or more accurately, the pressing down of the button which activates the grinder AND the light at the business end of it) and fresh Turkish rolls from Doppio Zero.

This is the meal we had on Monday night at his apartment: an impromptu dinner to meet a friend of his: an out-of-towner academic from Grahamstown, to which another old friend was invited too. I just arrived after work, and did not have much more to do (in his spanking new kitchen) than stand around and open a bottle of sparkling wine for a toast.

We usually don’t need an excuse for a toast, but after being introduced: “Meet my fiancée” a cork had to pop! Yes, the other really good thing for my soul is that we, in the last month, have decided to become engaged.. to be married…!!

It’s not official quite yet, although we have been telling friends and family and I guess once it’s blogged about it is out there very definitely, but we are waiting for The Ring(which is being designed and made by a jeweller whom we saw on Saturday), and then we will have an engagement party. I am already thinking food, and whether to have it catered: if my cook’s ego will allow that!

I feel like a first time bride to be: or how I think a first time bride would feel.. my previous marriages were entered into with far less awareness and consciousness and maturity.. and even now there are moments of ambivalence interspersed with the utter wonderfulness of finding this, rather late in life…

What I know for certain is that we will have really good meals together: I want to say forever… Ah, let me have that: Forever!