More than a week since my last entry: I smiled now when I wrote that: it feels almost like I am in confessional: not that I have any direct experience of that except those ubiquitous and often somewhat ominous scenes in movies: the confessional booth with a shadowy figure through the grill listening to a murmured litany of sins: but first to the acknowledgment of how long it has been since the last confession…

So, ten days since my last writing, and my lover has returned from time spent with his family in Toronto. He arrived back here on Tuesday morning, laden with gifts of books and perfume and earrings and a pepper mill which starts grinding as soon as you turn it upside down… and a culinary gift from his mother whom I haven’t met yet, but hope to when next he goes to visit. The gifts I suppose give quite an accurate picture of What I Like: and almost in that very same order: Books(a mixture of fiction and psychology related non fiction, including a book of short stories, a favourite genre of mine by Alice Munro who has won the 2009 Man Booker prize for this collection): so books, perfume, earrings, kitchen stuff..  he bravely bought a new perfume, which I initially was a bit ambivalent about, but it seems to be growing on me…

It has been a week of food: well, it almost always is, I guess!! I wonder how it is for other people who are not as focused or dare I say it, obsessed with cooking? Even before he came back I was thinking of the first meal that I would cook on his return: which was a light breakfast on Tuesday morning. The first evening meal that he had here was on Wednesday on the dinner-with-sons night: both him and his son arrived here after a game a squash, and we had a meal of fettuccini con funghi and a salad, our sons talking and laughing and getting along while I was curled against him on the sofa, happy to have him back. On Tuesday evening his ex-wife cooked a meal at his place: I was happy  too to just take a bottle of celebratory sparkling wine and sit down to a meal that I didn’t cook after a rather long day at work, feeling grateful to share a meal with people who love this man in different ways: an ex-wife, a son, and me….

So, I only got to cook for us on our own on Friday night, when I made a citrus-sesame-chicken-noodle and broccoli dish which was relished as usual by him-who-I-think-loves-me-for-my-love-of-cooking, as well as other aspects of me no doubt: but his  mother commented in one of her emails to me how nice it is that we have these lovely meals together: that certainly it is one area of utter compatibility: what better to have someone appreciate and love something which one loves doing?

Yes, his mom started emailing me, sending a warm introductory letter and photographs of his first day there, and so set off an unexpected and wonderful sequence of ongoing emails and sharing. We are already talking recipes and food: she loves cooking too, and she loves her son: something in common at the outset!!

On Saturday I made quite a quantity of basil pesto which we had on fettuccini(which seems my long pasta of choice for the week!!), and last night at my apartment I cooked a Morroccan inspired meal of roasted deboned leg of lamb, with homemade chermoula paste in the cavity and rubbed on the outside, roast slices of pumpkin with honey, ginger and cardomom, and couscous with roasted pumpkin seeds and mint and coriander, and plain green beans just cooked..

If this was a true confession, which blogs somehow appear to be a forum for, I’m not quite sure whether I would confess to gluttony…. maybe other sins of the flesh… but that I’ll leave to the ear of my therapist!