A couple of months ago I gave my number to a fishmonger, as I have over my years in this love affair I have with food to butchers and bakers….with the explicit request that he must call me when he gets in fresh Red Roman.. I’d completely forgotten about that when yesterday I received an sms announcing the arrival in the morning of a batch…. or is it a catch?

So I was delighted to offer my two grown-up sons something other than a pasta last night. They have both left home, but Wednesday evenings have become the night of dinner with mom… a lovely ritual which assorted girlfriends and other hungry young men have shared in over years..

It was a thrill to open the brown paper that the fish was wrapped in by my friendly fishmonger on my kitchen counter last night.. as I drove to pick up the fish, I wondered how I’d cook them:  steamed with ginger and garlic and lemongrass, or cooked in coconut milk and green Thai curry paste… and then recalled how it was cooked for me first years ago by an ex husband(I’ve had a couple of those!): very simply seasoned, panfried, and finished off in the oven… which is what I did, and served it with crushed potatoes and creamed spinach, and my take on a beurre blanc sauce: I used the rosé which I was sipping as I cooked, in stead of white wine, but it was still a perfect tangy accompanyment to the rich succulent sweet sticky flesh of this lovely fish…..